Kenneth Severance (Loraine)

Scales: 7.5 inch gauge, G, O, On3, On30, S, Sn30, HO, HOn3, N, Z Interests: Electronics, Railroad History, Specialties: Track and Train Layouts Layout: Under Construction Phone: (c) 928-778-7490 Email:

Steve Hatch (Belinda)

Scales: Sn3, HO, HOn3 Interests: Passenger Operation, Freight Operation Layout: Yes ~ Visitors Welcome, Operational, Sceniced, Phone: (c) 928-273-3467 Email: URL:

Norman Delucchi (Barb)

Scales: HO, Sn3 Interests: Kit Building, Scratch Building, Kit Bashing, Scenery, Structures, Railroad History, Railfanning, Railroadania, Track Work Layout: No Layout Phone: (c) 928-848-2732 Email:

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